Polytop MX

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Umweltmanagement bei Zimara Bandstahlschnitte GmbH

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A look behind the scenes

New orders and production planning:

After the order is made the job is registered and a specific work card is created.

The electronically transmitted data are then prepared by our CAD staff.

After processing and a check by another CAD employee, the final CAD file is sent to the machines.


The plywood is cut by the laser systems and the contours of the packaging and waste removal are burned on.

The installation holes are also made and the push-out sections and perforated sheets are incorporated.

A check is then made that the cutting widths have been lasered correctly onto the finished plywood for further processing.

Rule cutting and water jet cutting:

Other machines pre-bend the rules and the rubber is processed for the relevant areas.

Despite the preparatory work being done by machine, manual follow-up work is required.

Manual processing:

The true craftsmanship and construction of our dies … lies in the installation and adjustment of the rules on the rotary dies. This work requires a great deal of tact and patience. This is also the most time-consuming step in the entire manufacturing process.

After completion, the tool is tested and passed on to the rubber work department.

Rubber work:

In this stage, previously machine-cut and manually prepared rubber is applied to the tool.

A quality control inspection is carried out by our staff before the die is handed over to the shipping department.

One last step before shipping:

Perforation of up to 2600 mm in length is possible for full-size tools with a diameter of 487 mm.

After the final inspection, the dies are packaged and passed on to the shipping company.

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