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Corporate guiding principle of ZIMARA GmbH

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  1. Scope
    1. This brochure applies to the company Wolfram Zimara Bandstahlschnitte GmbH.
      The company principles are available to all employees and are binding for each individual.
  2. Our Values ​​and Corporate Policy
    1. Humanity and Independence
      Jobs at Zimara should be more than jobs to raise money. Both the company and the community of employees perceive mutual respect, respect, helpfulness, openness, sincerity, consideration and moral courage as important values ​​of human interaction. We are confident that this will create a harmonious working atmosphere if everyone believes in these values ​​and acts accordingly.
    2. The philosophy of the Zimara family: long-term mindset
      The owner family holds the shareholding and manages the business of the company Company Zimara with the second generation. From this tradition we have a personal interest in securing, multiplying and passing on ownership on a sound basis. That's why all our business activities are geared towards long-term success.
    3. The earning power
      Earning power and wealth are important to us because they are the very existence and basis for that Securing the growth potential of our company and thereby preserving jobs over generations.
    4. Growth
      In our business, we strive for well-coordinated, long-term, optimal growth. However, this must be done in an orderly manner, without compromising the existence of Zimara.
    5. Productivity
      Increasing productivity is a goal that every employee needs to keep in mind. Therefore, everyone in their area of responsibility should contribute as much as possible to achieving this goal.
    6. Product quality
      Our products are designed to impress with their high quality. Only in this way can we become a trustworthy partner of the customer. Quality assurance must therefore be a central issue. It is therefore both a management task and a target for each individual.
    7. Service
      A competent, comprehensive and timely service is the alpha and omega of satisfied customers. Therefore, our service offering must be as individual as possible to meet the needs of our customers.
      Employees in customer contact need to be able to respond to the customer's needs. That means not only competent advice and help with problems, but also constant accessibility and fast availability of services.
    8. Information
      Steadily faster movements in the markets and in developments, ever more complex technologies and the progressive globalization makes a sensibly structured flow of information imperative for every company. Zimara has clear information channels. As a result, each person receives the information that is important for his or her work and for the company as a whole without being asked. The Zimara manual contains further guidelines for internal and external communication. Internally, employees are informed monthly about important key figures such as: B. Sales, earnings, quality, security informed by a supervisor. But also special incidents and topics should be addressed, from both sides.
      So that our information is not falsified or unintentionally accessible to unauthorized third parties, we monitor the flow of information in-house.
    9. Delegation of Responsibility
      Those who bear responsibility should never use this as an end in themselves. Therefore, the principle of subsidiarity should apply to all Zimara organizational units. This means that responsibility should be placed where it makes most sense. In addition, the necessary freedom of choice must be granted. At each level of the hierarchy, it is therefore important to consider which decisions must absolutely be made at this level and which can be better delegated to the next lower level. The delegation of responsibility is a difficult issue, but that is precisely why managers should pay particular attention to it.
    10. Planning
      Business must be based on medium and long-term planning. For this reason, the company must plan for the required period, which must then be consistently implemented. Of course, this does not mean that a plan once set up is irrefutable. Rather, the meaning of each plan must be checked again and again for the given circumstances.
    11. Marketing and Market Research
      Marketing supports the marketing of our products and services. The elements of this area essentially consist of market analyzes, the coordination of the product program with market requirements and, of course, advertising and public relations. The ultimate goal is the permanent orientation of the company Zimara on the conditions of the market. Effective marketing is the basis for the profound development of the existing product range and the development of new products.
    12. Innovations
      We strive for technological leadership in all our product areas. This means that we want to be better, faster, more efficient than the competition and also take a top position in the cost-benefit ratio. For this goal not only permanent development work is necessary, but also the close integration of development with the market.
    13. Organization
      Corporate policy of Zimara, its organizational foundations, documents and documentation are presented in a management handbook The manual provides the systematic basis for quality and environmental management in operation and is mandatory for all those involved in the management system.
      In addition, the company must, on the basis of centralized requirements, have a Create an organization that is capable of meeting the relevant internal and external standards. This also results in all the requirements for the corresponding process, work and test instructions. We are ISO 9001 certified.
    14. Personnel Development
      Employees' importance to success is set against the backdrop of rising global competitive pressure and the ever-changing demands on our company.
      The daily challenges can only be overcome with competent and willing employees willing to change. Human work has increasingly become a valuable but also more expensive power factor. It can be described as the actual source of added value in performance processes.
      The success of HR work is reflected not only in economic dimensions, but also, for example, in behavioral criteria and qualitative performance factors such as identification, motivation and satisfaction.
      The HR development concept The company Zimara takes into account these different aspects and should help to prepare and prepare the employees for the current and future tasks. Leadership, junior management, selection and deployment of staff, training and education are in the foreground.
      As the employee surveys have shown, HR development is also of great personal importance to the employees of Zimara.
    15. Jobs
      Every employee at Zimara is entitled to a contemporary job. When redesigning workplaces, we want to at least reach or exceed the current state of the art.
    16. Occupational Safety
      Safety at work is paramount. For this, all existing regulations and guidelines must be kept up to date and observed. Employees are expected to point out security risks that are unrecognized by supervisors. The responsible persons have to respond immediately. The goal must be to permanently avoid accidents.
    17. Sustainability
      Sustainability is part of Zimara's culture, product development and own manufacturing processes. We want to make our contribution to sustainably improved living conditions on our planet Earth.
      Our management system is the basis for systematic process control. That is why we integrate the sustainability aspect into this system and thus create the basis for all employees being involved in their daily activities.
      Our diverse own production processes are constantly being documented with improvement goals from a sustainability perspective. Internal audits ensure success.
      For our product development, the scope of improvement for the use of resources is already defined in the specifications. At Zimara, sustainability is not left to chance. We operate a strong environmental management with focus on energy use, according to ISO 14001.
    18. Risk Management
      Our company faces many risks. Accidents, attacks, financial market fluctuations, political and social changes are just a few examples of potential risks to people, property or the entire existence of our company. Risk management is not just about how to protect property and people from possible dangers. The endangerment of market potential, sales, development and production processes as well as the safety of our products and the associated product liability constantly present us with new challenges. In some cases, risks can be insured; in part, it is about the correct assessment of the risk and the resulting deduction of suitable measures.
      In the area of ​​corporate finance and in the individual business units, we must always weigh up the opportunities and dangers of a wide variety of market risks. Such a holistic risk management system serves as an internal control system that helps us identify, assess, manage and take appropriate action.
    19. Continuous improvement process (CIP)
      First and foremost, our management system serves to improve the overall company in a targeted and lasting manner , Improvement is when everything that does not make us better stops and everything that is worth doing to improve us is done. We have to avoid waste of all kinds and through efficient internal cooperation always try to increase our products, our systematics and our efficiency. Our competition does this under partly advantageous starting conditions. That's why continuous improvement is imperative for us.
  3. Our appearance to the outside
    1. Our dealings with the public
      By "public" we mean society in general and our business associates and partners in particular. In this area, we want to demonstrate how a combination of different individuals and nationalities at different levels works successfully. We want to convey that we are open, helpful and honest with the requirements of our house. Except for things that are to be treated confidentially, we like to provide information about everything, provided that no corporate interests or personal rights are violated.
    2. Our Appeal to Customers
      If an employee has customer contact, he or she must be aware that that at this moment he represents the company Zimara outwardly. We expect a decent appearance, friendliness, open-mindedness and respect. In addition, the employee should respond quickly, intelligently, objectively and with the necessary competence to the wishes of the customer.

      Of course we want to do business with our customers first and foremost. But even if an order is not in the short term in the prospect, we should always be helpful and cooperate with customers and prospects.
    3. How We Deal With Suppliers
      The same principles apply when dealing with suppliers as when dealing with customers , In particular, we maintain an open and cooperative relationship, designed to foster long-term cooperation. We conduct price negotiations goal-oriented and consistently, but always open, factual and fair. When it comes to saving potential, all areas of Zimara work together across functions. We expect the same from our suppliers as well.
    4. Social Responsibility
      Zimara is committed to internationally recognized human and labor rights, such as ostracism child labor, forced labor and freedom of association, and is committed to the maxims of equal opportunities. Corruption, both active and passive, is not tolerated by Zimara but punished.
  4. Our internal cooperation
    1. The structure of the company Wolfram Zimara Bandstahlschnitte GmbH
      The company Zimara should keep its medium-sized character. This means that there is an independent organization in our company that regulates competencies and information channels.
      1. Decision Making
        Decisions that should apply to our business must be in line with the management and the company Zimara's top management before they are given a binding status for the company.
        Decisions that are of far-reaching importance to the respective organizational unit concerned should generally be discussed with competent team members. Everyone should be able to express their opinion on the topic. Once a decision has been made, it is also expected that all concerned will support it.
      2. Cooperation within the company Wolfram Zimara Bandstahlschnitte GmbH
        All employees of the company Zimara should act as Looking at colleagues. No employee should withdraw to the point of view of convenience "For me is only binding, what has ordered my superior". Instead, employees' wishes and suggestions should be treated as if they came from a colleague next door. Nevertheless, it is of course clear that orders can only be made via the direct superior.
    2. The structure within the company
      In addition to regular employees, retirees and apprentices are also an integral part of the company. We consciously chose this commitment to emphasize the family character of our Group.
      1. Management
        The members of the management are to manage the company Zimara in trust. This means that shareholder directors are primarily committed to the corporate principles before they think about their position as a shareholder. You alone or jointly bear the responsibility for the company concerned. Thus, they act as integration figures within the company. It is particularly important that the management maintains personal contact not only with the persons directly subordinate to them, but also with the largest possible number of employees.
        Management instructions must be followed. However, that should not deter anyone from making constructive criticism of decisions.
      2. Executives
        There are different levels of hierarchy in the company's organization plans. Apart from that, all executives should be role models for their employees - in terms of qualification, competence and personal interaction.
      3. All Employees
        Every employee is important to the company, so no one should feel like the last link in the chain. It is absolutely necessary for every employee to think along with all operational matters and to actively participate in the continuous improvement process.
      4. Trainees
        The very name of this group of employees expresses an obligation: train young people! All employees therefore have a duty to help "trainees" grow into our corporate family. There are many possibilities, e.g. by helping them find their own way of working, passing on personal experiences, or simply always listening to their questions.
      5. Retirees
        Anyone working at Zimara should be happy to do so and identify with the company. That should not stop when leaving the company. So our "alumni" should also feel that they belong to "their company". That is why we continue to maintain personal contacts with our pensioners, invite them to company celebrations and provide them with employee information. Because we certainly welcome it, if our pensioners continue to be interested in and engage in Zimara.

A word about fluctuation

Natural fluctuation can not be influenced. In addition, there is also the unnatural fluctuation, which we would not like to have, but unfortunately can never be completely avoided. It arises when employees are dissatisfied with their situation in the company or when they violate the company's "rules of the game". For that reason, we will allow people whose personal goals can not be reconciled with our corporate goals to let them go. All employees are therefore encouraged to participate in the realization of our corporate goals. If there are processes that run counter to our goals, everyone is asked to reveal or improve them. This is the best guarantee for the lowest possible turnover.

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